“Seeking love. Finding Overalls”, the book by Leandra Medine.

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I’m gonna tell you everything about this book: don’t expect to find in the written of the journalism graduated girl the secrets of how she became famous due to her blog, or pieces of her articles, or details about her experience in the fashion industry. She never mentions if it was through Bloggers or WordPress how she introduced to the world the Man Repeller, neither her strategy to fascinate thousands of people.

This book is reality is a collection of her personal stories, what they have in common is that all of them are related to treasured objects that define each chapter, and these are basically garments, or a pair of shoes, or a purse. These important moments of her life and objects are the origin of her blog Man Repeller.

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Leandra created Man Repeller one shopping afternoon with her friend Rachel. After a brutal breakup (it is how she defines it), and some years trying to find out why she couldn’t retain the love of a man in her life, Rachel insinuates it’s because of the way she dresses, describing it as a “man-repeller”; it is how they gave a definition to Leandra’s problema: “It’s fucking genius”, Leandra replied.

In the book Leandra makes clear she worships fashion, she conceives it as a possibility to admire art pieces. She appreciates objects for the stories behind them; it’s not the monetary value what makes them unique, but what’s transmitted from generation to generation, she says they are “just a large intangible chunk of sentimental oohs and aahs”.


When I read the book I concurred with all the reviews that define this book as fun and entertaining, it’s been a while since I didn’t read a book and laugh as much from chapter to chapter. Each anecdote revealed has its dose of naughtiness, ingenuity and cynicism. In each story she highlights wearing something that made that moment so special, either if it was good, or funny or sad; although if the moment pretended to be sad, she describes it in a very funny way.

To me it was like reading a novel with a happy ending. She narrates how she tried to stay next to the love of her life, with whom by the way she lost her virginity; however like in every love story, to get to that happy ending, she had to live many other stories that began with that little boy at the age of 5 who infected her with chicken pox and broke her heart.


I felt very identified with her, her stories are just like every girl stories, the difference is that mortals only talk about these with their confidents; she, unlike to the rest, immortalized these in a book. I can’t decide if my favorite chapter is that one where in Paris riding a taxi she vomits the Hermès clutch her grandmother inherited to her in life, or when she declares herself as a “certifiable pussy” for going out with two guys at the same time (including promiscuous encounters), or when she confesses to the world she owns what she calls “the period panties” (you know, those which girls use on a monthly basis), and the embarrassing accidents she lived by cause of the Aunt Flow visit.

I follow Leandra because there is something special about her style; you see, she’s got that Je ne sais quois (in english “I don’t know what”), and do you know what is it? It’s attitude, authenticity, spontaneity, clarity and definition in a very natural way, that’s what makes her strong and special. After reading the book I realized her blog resulted as an accident of a brilliant mind, and to me that’s the “secret” behind her success: being coherent and always loyal to herself.


If the reasons I give you to read the book are not enough for you , then I’ll share those Leandra gives you:

Because (1) if you already hate me, it will fuel those emotions, thus making you a more passionate individual than you were previously. (2) There are stories about all kinds of weird things like seer sucker bermuda shorts and the ankle length white socks I forgot to take off the first time I was engaged in sexual intercourse”.

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