Rouge Coco, Gabrielle Chanel’s circle of closest and beloved ones

The lipstick collection that reveals more of Mademoiselle’s life

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I was checking my e-mail the other day and found a newsletter with two gold bars lost in between lines, they were almost gone unnoticed as I was very close to delete the e-mail. Thousandth seconds after I returned to the lines and thought: “do I read Adrienne and Rouge Coco? “That’s my name, and that indeed is Chanel!” It took me one click to discover that the line Rouge Coco has one lipstick with my name, and in French thank you very much!

Later I thought: “If Chanel has a lipstick with your name, you go get it, period”, and a couple of days after I was ready in the store to buy it. I asked for it, and when the lady in the counter presented it to me I was fascinated, it really was very Adrienne: it was a very natural color with a peachy glimpse, very ad-hoc with the nude trend. In case you were wondering, this is the color I wear every-single-day. Without trying it on my lips or hesitating, I naturally bought it (please know that even if it was green color, I would have bought it anyway).

Rouge Coco Chanel Adrienne The Fashion Marcom Case 5

Excuse me for having a Chanel lipstick with my name, but this is not the most important thing about this post; when I went to get it, I learned there is a lot revealed in Rouge Coco’s new 2015 campaign about the fashion house founder.

Chanel re-launched in March the lipstick line born in 2010, Rouge Coco. The first change was its formula, it is now more moisturizing, luminous and longer lasting. I previously had the classic red 19 Gabrielle (no longer the same code, now It’s the 444 Gabrielle); I did notice a difference in the texture of the new version when I bought Adrienne, I really like it! Additionally, more colors and tones were added. But this is not the most attractive thing of the new version on the line.

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Before 2015, the collection unveiled a few details about Coco, like her friends used to call Gabrielle Chanel, founder of the label, but after 2015 the collection tells more about her personal life. Divided in 5 color ranges, Rouge Coco represents in each lipstick a person of her circle of closest and beloved family and friends.

Starting with her family, beige and brown colors present the most important women in her life: her mother, sister and aunts. Here is where I learned that Adrienne was an aunt, sister of her father Gabrielle who she loved very much. Pink and pale rosés were dedicated to her friends, like Suzanne Orlandi who was the first woman wearing in public a dress by Coco in 1912. Corals are a tribute to her muses, like Catherine de Médicis, queen of France, her inspiration to create her famous double C monogram. Plum colors are about her artist friends, and here is where Ina Claire resides, famous artist in the 30’s who wore for the first time a tweed dress by Coco for a magazine cover. And lastly, but not least, reds represent love, like Arthur Boy Capel, the color of Gabrielle’s biggest love.

The biggest challenge for brands is to be able to adjust to modernity without loosing essence and highlighting with pride its origin and history. Chanel is one of the few fashion houses that achieve transmitting its values and personality, as well as the founder’s mystique; always appealing to aspiration like every luxury brand seeks to communicate to the market. Let’s not forget that beauty products, perfumes and accessories are the key entry of a consumer to a luxury brand.

Bravo Chanel for a great product, and a perfect campaign re-vamp! There is no question it was a very creative way to let the user discover more about Gabrielle’s life. Although there are a couple of disappointing things, first is that the information about each color or lipstick is not shared anywhere on their website (sorry I can’t reveal my source of information), second is that not all the colors are available in all countries. Good luck to French people, or those who will travel soon to France, as that is the only place where you can find the complete 24 colors collection.

P.S. I love Coco.

Photography by Carolina Soriano.

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