Repost from Laurent Francois: Cara Delevingne and her Social Media Power

How British Model Cara Delevingne Is Taking Over Social Media

So it was Holiday season, many editors recommend not to stop giving your readers a little something of you if you are a blog editor. Though I’ve slowed down the article posting and decided to save my incoming trilogy of web videos analysis to start the New Year (wait for it, it’s going to be really chic-entertaining).

But don’t think I’ve been lazy, I have been reading a lot the past two weeks and it is how I got to this article I’m reposting. I have to say Laurent Francois, the editor, went one step forward my own editorial calendar writing about this new trend of top models becoming web influencers, he exposes Cara Delevingne as a case study and how she is taking over social media, she certainly knows how to attract 50K new followers in 24 hours as proved during London Fashion Week 2013 on her Instagram account (source).

Fashion Gone Rogue

I could list a great bunch of girls who are trend topic on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They are young and part of this digital era so they really understand how social media works and impacts communities, these girls are taking the best of the resource to promote their own brand (their name) to impose fashion and lifestyle, reason why more and more global fashion- luxury brands want to be wore by them.

Take a look to this article and see Cara’s “social media strategy” as an inspiration example on how to go social, in case you are a brand and going social is your goal.

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    • Adriana Flores B.

      Hi Laurent, It’s really cool knowing there are others who see what I see, thank you for your article and please continue writing about these topics, it’s important to me (and maybe to some others out there) 🙂 Cheers!, Adriana.

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