Repost from Candida McCollam- The Social Runway: The New Voice of New York Fashion Week

In the recent years a growing amount of marketers of every industry are dedicated to figure out and learn how to use the social media to build engagement and a long-term relationship with their audiences. In the fashion industry we have seen a lot, like advertisements in fashion magazines, emerging actresses and singers as brands campaigns face (by the way, I love Elle Fanning casting Miu Miu Spring 2014, don’t you?), artists invited to the front-row fashion shows, it people performing as brand reps, brands collaborating with stylist to design capsule collections, and of course increasing the exposition in the internet and social networks.

There are times of the year that are crazy-busy days for brand’s marketers while working on a strategy or campaign, in the fashion industry the busiest has to be of course the fashion week season. There is New York, London, Paris and Milan, these marketers (as photographers, stylist, make-up artist, editors, bloggers, and many more) close the season exhausted for working really hard, at least that’s what I would think after seeing a lot going on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and of course Twitter, the past three weeks.

I know what you are thinking, continuously write stories or represent them through pictures and videos non-stop for one week, no wait! four weeks (four destinations) means A LOT of work and personal sacrifice (yeah right! as if I would consider a sacrifice traveling during one month to New York, Paris, London and Milan); though the pay back worth’s it: consumer’s social engagement, which brings growth on brand positioning for let’s say, a not-so-many dollars investment, just some super tired hard-working marketers.

#MBFW Facebook Picture: We're the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week magic on our Instagram mural!

#MBFW Facebook Picture: We’re the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week magic on our Instagram mural!

Now, as spectators we see these pictures on our social media accounts and I don’t know you, but I am sometimes curious if conversations (or hashtags) really have the impact the brands expect, and if really they bring new followers, or if these new followers are really engaged to the brand after fashion weeks.

Coco Rocha #MBFW

Photo by Coco Rocha with Mercedes-Benz USA #MBFW #MBFWStreetStyle

There is one post I read from Candida McCollam that answers some of my questions, I welcome you to read it and just in case you were wondering which editorials or social media channels were the most “influencers” during fashion week New York 2014, you can learn it there. (It even mentions Marc Jacobs initiative I CASED last week about the #MJDaisyChain campaign).

Read the article The Social Runway: The New Voice of New York Fashion Week by Candida McCollam from Local Speak.  

I’d love to hear your example of a brand you followed during either New York, London or Milan fashion week, which you think did a great job on any social network, leave it on the comment field!

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