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#MJDaisyChain : The understanding of the digital media and the shopping experience

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(This is a perfect #FashionMarcomCase , thank you Toño for bringing it to my attention).

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@Staynguyening Instagram : no cash/cards accepted. just social media currency. #mjdaisychain #marcjacobs #verycool announced what Marc Jacobs planned for New York’s Fashion Week, it was the opening of a Pop-Up Store[1] in Manhattan on February 7-9, taking as payment Social Currency instead of cash.

As Gwyneth Moore[2] quotes “The digital revolution has allowed new designers to generate presence and increase their exposition on the Internet, which has roused their visibility and created new opportunities to interact with the customer”.

@staynguyening Instagram

@staynguyening Instagram: No cash/cards accepted. just social media currency. #mjdaisychain #marcjacobs #verycool

In previous posts I’ve stated that a brand’s transcendence relays on how it shows its identity through branding actions, with this CASE about Marc Jacobs I add that transcendence is also reached by taking the best of the digital media to build communities, listen to users, get to know them and use the information aiming for more effective strategies. I conceive this label as a comprehensive of this digital revolution Moore talks about, it knows how to interact with its followers and its recent campaign Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a perfect example.

The campaign started last year and it targets to position the perfume Daisy, a fresh and floral fragrance, originally bottled in a feminine and flirty package, and with the same description the muse is reflected in the various pieces of the campaign; the campaign includes:

  • An invitation of popular fashion bloggers like Eva Chen and Gary Pepper Girl (among others) to attend to the Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion show last September New York’s Fashion Week SS14 (Spring-Summer 2014), and a video clip was produced where they talk about the importance of the perfume in fashion- Video at the official website.
  • Presentation of the ad campaign- Gallery at the official website.
  • Video release of the campaign Daisy by Marc Jacobs (by the way, the day of my birthday)- Video at the official YouTube channel.
  • Announcement of the #MJDaisyChain campaign and the Pop-Up Tweet Store opening in New York on YouTube with the video Flowers & Cute Boys – Must Be Daisy Day!
  • Opening of the Pop-Up Tweet Store at Soho in Manhattan where you could find a photo booth/ scenario set with the Daisy campaign, printers where you could get your picture taken in this photobooth, a lounge area with free Wi-Fi and amenities, a musical setting by DJ Jilly Hendrix, a manicure area, promo gifts and a drawing where people was rewarded with the label purses to the best Instagram pictures at the end of each day.
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@rumineely Instagram: Come pick daisies with me at 462 W Broadway @marcjacobsfragrances @marcjacobsintl – hanging out here for the next hour! #mjdaisychain

The creators of this campaign knew one of the keys to succeed was to have web-influencers taking part in it, the campaign wouldn’t have the same impact without the “publicity” by personalities, editors and bloggers who have thousands of followers on their social media profiles, reason why Marc Jacobs brought together Anna Kendrick, Phoebe Tonkin and Jamie Chung (among others) to the store opening; even Chiara Ferragni contributed with a couple of pictures prior the event (she is indeed one of my favorites).

What Marc Jacobs invested in this campaign with products exchanged for hashtags may be compared with the price of hiring a huge group of marketing specialists to create and execute it, though it may not have achieved the same effect; Marc Jacobs got a wave of positive mentions and a significantly broad social network presence.

Erika Morphy, Forbes contributor, in her article about this campaign states every ad campaign must be converted into ROI, and that an increasing number of retailers understand the connection between ROI and content marketing. Her stance about the #MJDaisyChain campaign is that success is not necessarily based on a dollar value but the loyalty the brand builds on the users.

Mashable posts “Marc Jacob’s Daisy fragrance isn’t the most followed on Facebook, but its fans are among the most loyal — from posting about the brand to even drawing pictures that represent its message and style”. Lori Singer, group VP of global marketing for Coty Prestige (Marc Jacobs’s fragrance licensor) told Mashable “Marc Jacobs is really active on social media and Daisy is one of the fragrance brands that triggers the highest engagement among fans“… “The whole undertaking is a way to say a big thank you to the people who love Daisy and are constantly finding creative ways to show their affection for the Brand”. affirms this is not the first time Marc Jacobs profits with its customer’s loyalty and it’s hunger to share their passion for the brand on social media, it did it with the perfume Dot where its fans using the hashtag #MarcTheDot could express their love for the pattern. insinuates this is not so innovative idea; Kellog’s and Tesco have both played with Social Currency before. In the case of Kellog’s, back in 2012 in London set a pop-up store and in exchange for a tweet the brand handed out samples of its new Special K chips. Tesco has a program on the wine sale, and for each mention on Twitter it gives away a product. However, there has not been a brand in the fashion industry making such fuzz on social media during a fashion week to promote its products.

@jessicastone246 Instagram: #mjdaisychain

@jessicastone246 Instagram: #mjdaisychain

My curiosity did not let me sleep, and to learn about the impact of the campaign I investigated the Twitter results of the mentions #MJDaisyChain, and according to Keyhole, between February 4 -11 the hashtag had a 2,031,324 reach (number of times the #MJDaisyChain hashtag was mentioned by followers). Out of these tweets, 91% were original content created by the users, and 93% were posted by women (see the results here)… Only 8 days (prior and after the store was open); I don’t know what you reckon but 2,031,324 seems like a big number to me, that is a transcendent result.

In a digital era like ours, one of the strengths of a brand is its Social Currency and the number of people sharing information about the brand as part of their everyday social lives. I recognize Marc Jacobs and expose what it has accomplished with its strategies to interact with its loyal fans, the brand has invested time to know them and that is how it achieved installing a shopping experience weekend, evolving the traditional point of sale, strengthening its presence and generating traffic on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, taking to the next level the use of digital media to the point where foreigners to New York wished to be in that city just to live the #MJDaisyChain experience…

Like me! I fantasied about travelling there to bring the photos of my own “ad campaign” I took to that perfume bottle my father gave me a few Christmas ago, I’ve never felt so attracted to Daisy like now. I wanted to reflect a young, fresh and playful woman; I’ve entitled my campaign “I was named Daisy after my Grandmother”. Ok! Leaving the fantasy for a second, I’m sure I would have gotten my purse in exchange for them.

I now share with you the muse of my campaign, the different shoot angles to Daisy, and the best 10 pictures posted on Instagram (according to me) with the hashtag #MJDaisyChain. To me, the best pictures are based on the idea “if they were material for the real ad campaign” and “they transmit the Daisy attitude”.

[1] Pop-Up Store: A retail store that is opened temporarily.

[2] Gwyneth Moore (2013). Promoción de Moda. Barcelona, España: Editorial Gustavo Gili.

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I was named Daisy after my Grandmother

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