Little Black Dress with a Cape

The combination of a Little Black Dress and a Cape: two forever classics.

… You know what? Not much words to say.

Just choose simple, timeless, minimal and chic.

Oh! and add a vintage brooch as a final touch.

nasty-gal-fashion-marcom-case-1 nasty-gal-fashion-marcom-case-2 nasty-gal-fashion-marcom-case-3 nasty-gal-fashion-marcom-case-4 nasty-gal-fashion-marcom-case-5 nasty-gal-fashion-marcom-case-6 nasty-gal-fashion-marcom-case-7

Dress: Nasty Gal. / Shoes: Diego Torreblanca. / Brooch: Vintage.

Photography by Jesus Villanueva Varela.

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