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Thanks for stopping by and reading! Now that you are here I would like to introduce to you my new accessory in life, The #FashionMarcomCase 


My story begins many years ago when I recognized my attraction to fashion and when during my professional career, I discovered a love for marketing and communications. I can proudly say that I’ve always worked in my field of study (incidentally, I have a degree in communications), and I’ve always had jobs I’ve loved that were also fun. Even though they were not always related to fashion, I’ve always known one day that I would be able to combine all the things I love so much in a single discipline.

One afternoon I met in a cozy coffee shop with my dear friend Pastora Servin, a passionate expert on styling. Coffee is always an excuse; the important things are the latest about the topics to be discussed (in a manner of speaking, the juicy gossip!). The highlight of this meeting entre copines was the birth of an idea which, thanks to her push, I would convert into a real and fascinating project, which you are reading right now.  Thanks, Pastora!

Citing Ralph Lauren in the editorial letter from the August 2013 edition of Vogue Mexico Magazine:

“I don’t want to be last year’s look. So in concept of my designing, I’m always very conscious of the timelessness and of not being trendy.”

I can identify with this quote; it makes me think of that moment when I defined the content of this blog, which by the way was not at all easy as we live in an era when we are drowned in mass media channels, information, and fashion bloggers! (Of course I love visiting them on their websites.)  So, in accordance with Ralph Lauren’s philosophy I defined that what I wanted to do wasn’t to talk about fashion by posting street looks, not to just report on fashion shows and trends like we see in many cases today. I wanted to comment on fashion in a different way: to analyze its identity, the strategies of its creators and the way it is communicated.  This fashion backstage does not necessarily have a modern approach; in many cases it’s about timeless methodologies implemented decades ago that still survive today.

The Fashion Marcom Case is a blog where I deliver my insight into the stories that brands tell to impose fashion through marketing and communications (MARCOM) strategies. I started writing years ago; back then I felt very nervous while doing it as it was for the mass media. I remember I looked for perfection in each article I wrote.  Things have not changed much years later as I still strive for perfection; the difference now is that I will enjoy my writing and have much more fun.  Why? Because this is my space and I’m sharing it with you.

For one of her styling photo shootings, Pastora asked me to do the make-up work (I almost forget to mention that I have been a professional make-up artist since 2003),  I felt very honored and accepted the offer. That day I had my own shooting and these pictures were taken.  I felt the same indecision during the shooting (Should I introduce myself to you with my hair down, or with a ponytail, or with a bun… up or down?) as that I felt during the planning of the content of this blog (Should it be about fashion only, or marketing, or both?).

I’ll keep it simple; I’ll share with you the material I like (some may like it, some may not). I’ll just let the words flow and I hope you, and someone else, will enjoy something here.

Nice meeting you, welcome and thanks for reading!


Photography by Juan Luis Hernandez for Oh! Estudio


Adriana with Ponytale 1

Adriana Hair Down

Adriana Flores B.

Adriana with Hair Bun

Adriana with Ponytale 2


Adriana with Hair Bun 2



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