My favorite perfumes, did I discover and buy them thanks to their marketing?

Why did I buy for a first time the perfumes that today are my favorites?

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I’ll tell you something; I currently have 28 different perfumes (Hello, my name is Adriana and I’m addicted to perfumes). I feel strongly attracted to the scent of what I call my Top #3; the question is if in the past my buying decision of these was a consequence of the stimulation of the fragrance, or an attractive advertisement, or commercial, or any other action to promote it.

Let’s think this through together, the criteria I define to know if each perfume’s marketing was successful with me is if I discovered the perfume thanks to campaigns that caused the purchase. It is excluded the worth-of-mouth, or me having smelled them someone wearing it. Here my list with no preference order, and my vote to the most effective campaign:


Amor Amor, Cacharel

I discovered this perfume in Paris back in the summer of 2005, I’m pretty positive it was at Buddah-Bar-Hotel. Outside the toilettes lobby there was a black booth that read Amor Amor by Cacharel, and there as a hole where you had to place your hands, a sensor detected you and then an atomizer sprayed them with the perfume. I played with the booth and afterwards gently touched my neck, my hair and my clothes; I spent that afternoon with the scent. I don’t need to finish the story by confessing that I ended up buying the perfume a few days after.

For applying and innovative sensorial marketing campaign, I rate it as successful.

Amor Amor by Cacharel- The Fashion Marcom Case

Brit, Burberry

That same summer strolling in Sephora (speaking of Experiential Marketing), I was exploring and smelling every unknown perfume to me, then is when found a bottle with a very brit look that caught my eye, the box had a very iconic design, you could tell it was Burberry’s. I sprayed some on my neck and wrists; I instantly fell in love. In that very moment I bought my bottle of Brit.

For being in a point of sale where what rules is the shopping experience, I rate this marketing campaign as successful.

Brit by Burberry- The Fashion Marcom Case

Flowerbomb, Viktor & Rolf

The summer of 2005 was full of hypnotizing fragrances, that same year Flowerbomb was launched. I remember seeing the advertisement everywhere in Europe, and the same photography was present in every fashion magazine: a beautiful woman with a pink chiffon clothe covering her head, that with some air simulated the silhouette of a flower. I remember clearly this advertisement. I think that eventually after seeing it so much, I went to a store and went curious enough to smell the perfume, which after a while I bought.

For achieving remembrance over its publicity advertisement art, I rate this marketing campaign as successful.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf- The Fashion Marcom Case

So now, let me announce my vote to the most effective marketing campaign goes to Amor Amor by Cacharel. It’s funny, because Amor Amor is not my Top #1 scent, however what happened is that sensorial marketing is an excellent vehicle to cause immediate acctions, also the impact of this action was very strong because the booth was in a place where you don’t expect to interact with the product; the sum of both factors, according to me, made this campaign the most powerful and outstanding.



P.S. Shhhhhhhhhhhh…. My Top #1 perfume was excluded from this post, I didn’t want to reveal such a big secret.


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