Dior in Video- Part III

Stories that awakens feelings and fantasies

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natalie_portman_para_miss_dior_por_sofia_coppola__374481909_900x507 copiaWe get to the final and most romantic part of this insight; in the first one we travelled back in time to learn about Dior’s origin and understand its present transcendence, in the second part we met Miss Dior, the brand’s inspiration and to whom it seeks to communicate to. Lastly but not least I will talk about the feelings, the emotions and fantasies Dior pursues to awaken through its videos.

In order to achieve its goal, Dior does collaborations with great creative directors with a robust expertise on films and music videos, they are artist who understand the brand’s attitude; as Bruno Remaury quotes in his book Brands and Narratives-Brands and the Cultural Collective Unconscious: “Dior is a brand of attitude, whether this is elegant and nostalgic, or dynamic and erotic [1]. A starring collaborator, highly related to the brand natalie_portman_para_miss_dior_por_sofia_coppola__373256300_900x632 copiathat has translated Dior’s attitude is the multifaceted Sofia Coppola, a North American member of a talented family with a very artistic eye. Sofia and Dior printed a very feminine personality to the Miss Dior perfume campaign, the flirty videos she directs are musicalized with romantic songs of the French classic genre performed by icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Édith Piaf, they show a very “Vie en Rose“, just as the title of the last video featured by Natalie Portman.

Do you want to know what do I fantasize about when I see her videos? Well, the music makes me feel happiness and I can’t help thinking about chiffon, it’s pink, I fancy a natalie_portman_para_miss_dior_por_sofia_coppola__86938710_900x506 copiapromenade through the tree path at the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris on a sunny (not too hot) and windy day so my hair can play with the air, I sense a soft pink lip gloss on my lips and the taste of macaron de framboise in my mouth, I kind of want to be with a handsome guy and flirt with him, maybe leave some of my lip gloss on his lips after a kiss in that promenade, while he looks at me and makes me feel a sweet and sexy woman… (deep sigh), that’s the result of Sofia’s work translating what Dior wants to tell you, it is right the emotion the brand seeks to stimulate in you if you use its products.

And what complements a woman? I will talk about the material that counteracts the femininity of Sofia’s videos, a story less sweet anyhow romantic, even sexier and created with a masculine perspective. In the previous parts of this insight I’ve just talked about Miss Dior, but what about Dior Homme? The house of Dior looked for the collaboration of a director able to show the relaxed, decisive, passionate, rebel, brave, strong, imposing, maybe less dreamer and more down to earth, still elegant and very very seductive side the brand also wants to reflect. Dior chose Romain Gavras, Greek- French director very experienced on urban story telling, maybe far away from the luxury market though this expertise was a great match to personify a modern Dior Homme.

The last film I share is starred by Robert Pattinson (who by the way never caught my eye before) and musicalized with a Led Zeppelin song. This short film makes me think of: a robert_pattinson_nueva_imagen_dior_homme_863949600_900x609 copiagate away afternoon, I runaway after a rush of blood to the head and the invitation of this handsome guy, I want to wear the lightest clothes and make-up, I really don’t care where I go as I leave with protective man, he makes me fell like living adventures, and when I get close to him his perfume stays on me while his raspy beard touches my cheeks, and the taste I have now in my mouth is different, it think it taste like him… (I sight deeply again, and I confess I see Robert now in a very different way); I think about all that by watching one single video and that’s the work of my new friend Romain.

With this material I finally understood what many authors explain about the relationship between the two genders, their complementarity and the representation of an identity, for instance I cite again Bruno Remaury. I expose these amazing stories that stimulate sensations as an example of how a good video can say everything about a brand; the magic is the consistency between all the elements involved.

I close this trilogy expressing that unfortunately not everything is as perfect as we wish. Working on this case and from my personal standpoint I detected a mistake in the strategy of these videos, which is produce an mind-blowing video, publish it online and after some time deleting from the archives; videos like these should reside in the official website for years. To share the first two videos below these lines, I had to find them in the profiles of users that are not Christian Dior and certainly if they don’t come from the official source they loose quality and credibility, my opinion is if they are not part of the present campaigns, ideally they should be archived at the official site so they can be admired and maybe one day, become classic advertisements.

And now as Dior en Vidéo fan I ask you, what do you daydream about when you see these films?

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[1] Bruno Remaury (2004). Marcas y Relatos, versión castellana. Barcelona: Editorial Gustavo Gili.

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