Dior in Video- Part II

Who is Miss Dior?

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Dior-Secret-Garden-2-Versailles-011 copiaI can only say I loved the Fall 2013 Prêt-à-Porter campaign Secret Garden by Inez van Lamsweerde y Vinoodh Matadin for Dior, mainly because I read a mixture of periods greatly achieved in the collection itself, as well as in the communication pieces of the campaign; the sum of little details declare big statements. The photography is impeccable, moreover the videos that are divided in two chapters and I personally find impressive. Working on this insight I became obsessed with them and I cannot stop watching them as each time I do they tell me something new and different, they have an exquisite content and they mirror the brand identity, furthermore the campaign succeeds reflecting that Dior woman who by the way, encompasses different generations and very few can do it successfully.

I will begin with the brand identity: the House of Dior choses as film location for its campaign the majestic and enchanted Château de Versailles, French monarchy emblem recognized as a sumptuous symbol of luxury. Although for many is considered as a synonymous of “excess”, like the interpreter of Marie-Antoinette film by Sofia Coppola, Kirsten Dunst, claims in that scene were the court enters to her room to dress her up, and in the middle of that reverence she says: “this is ridiculous”, and her first lady of honor Comtesse Anne de Noailles replies: “this Madame, is Versailles”; article-3-filles_full-article-crop- copiaI’m sure Dior does not seek to reflect excess as it’s not its trademark, however Dior does wants to be recognized as a luxury brand relating its name with the image this magic place reflects. In addition to the location, we see the personification of a modern Marie-Antoinette and her court in the story of the campaign in a very Dior version.

I’ll continue with the target audience, but who is Miss Dior?, let’s start backwards with Secret Garden 2 to explain chronogically my point. Once we hear the soundtrack, we’re immediately transported the colorful 80s, sensation I perceive looking as well the visual elements. Observing Daria Strokpus, the “court” of models who star the campaign, the collection pieces selected and the effects in each scene, to me is very clear that the video concept is to refer to that époque. Is it that the house wants to talk to the 80s generation that today is 35-45 years old?

And if we analyze Secret Garden 1, as I click on play and the collection pieces show up, seeing the models clothing and hair style all I think about is Kelly Taylor from Beverly Hills 902010, specifically in that part where Daria runs through the Hall of Mirrors to the balcony with a clean bun wearing a black dress with a defined shoulder cut, and when she is in the balcony suddenly she is wearing the famous Bar jacket in red with a stunning necklace; all of this reflects to me evident inspiration on the 90’s. Am I the only one here who thinks they are talking to that woman who today is 25-35 years old? (I’m counting already 20 different possible ages of Dior users).


Emphasizing the soundtrack (making reference again to Marie Antoinette film by Sofia Coppola, I find genius that Sofia represents a certain époque and musicalizes it with songs from a total different one), we have two songs of an emblematic brit band strongly related with the 80s and 90s: the masters of Depeche Mode. Is there a more effective time machine than music? Music to my is like magic that awakes the memory, the videos look for the attention of those generations that in these decades were hungry for fashion while they listened this band, pursuing to cause that same feeling.

Let’s analyze the lyrics of “Enjoy the Silence” in Secret Garden 1, please observe Daria’s acting and her face when we hear “All I ever wanted, All I ever needed is here in my arms” and she runs through the gardens wearing a dress in the distinctive pink, there is a perfect link between the lyrics, the acting and the pieces of the collection with what the brand wants to make you feel if you wear it.

To complement the communication message, I analyze thoroughly the lyrics of “Behind the Wheel” in Secret Garden 2. Please imagine the man of your dreams telling you “Sweet little girl I prefer you behind the wheel and me the passenger”… Who am I to be told that? Well, I am a desired woman who transmits self-confidence and I show it; THAT is the Miss Dior woman, no matter how old is she.

And as fashion is always a current matter, I mentioned before 20 possible ages of users, however those that know how to effectively communicate don’t exclude the young customers who today are 15-25 years old, a generation who knows that fashion is cyclic and is inspired in the past to create modern looks. Dior succeeds talking to women of 35 different ages; after these videos, I strongly believe its products and campaigns achieve identification of these women with the Brand.

Now turn up the volume and click play!

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