Dior in Video- Part I

The story of the House of Dior in film

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Before I begin, I would like to highlight there are in the world iconic luxury brands which thanks to their history, dynamism, stability and global transcendence are enough material to talk about them non-stop, reason why this article is divided in three parts where the main study subject are the videos Dior gives us as if they were fine jewelries exposed by the window of their boutique at the majestic Place Vendôme in Paris, short films of the best and most modern production quality that communicate much more than just an advertisement of their brand or products.

Dior New Look

Dior “The New Look”, The Bar Suit- photo by Willy Maywald, 1947

Short brief history: The House of Dior launches its first collection on 1947, after gray years where half of the world was in war. Families were tore apart and women deprived of their parents, brothers and husbands, pushed to play a role too distant to be housewives, delicate women or feminine students. After this depression period, France shows a strong desire to go back to those glory years and the country works for its development and industrial modernization. Christian Dior to contribute to this innovation era, proposes in this launch what the international press baptized as the New Look, designs that transformed the figure of the body and gave back to women that femininity lost during World War II. He achieves it applying extravagant fabrics and tulle on skirts tight on the waist with an “A” silhouette, short and long jackets, high-healed shoes inspired in the XV century monarchy, gloves and purses that complemented a fantasy outift, to which night gowns with a princess look were added, all these pieces together to simulate the figure of a rose flower.

To add details to his creations, Christian Dior gave to his clients two final touches which I consider a wonderful contribution, they turned to be the most successful business strategy causing such great aspiration that made the house increase the exclusive consumers spectrum of this luxury brand. The designer creates Dior Rouge, a red lipstick which pack replicated the Luxor Obelisque at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, this product more than just differentiate the Dior woman, it proudly declared the origin and identity of the french brand. The second creation was the perfume Miss Dior, seeking to satisfy the house clients by increasing the product lines, and giving to Christian Dior a key business- survival strategy: to be a luxury brand and at the same time, have a reachable “mass market” product[1].

Being such a distinctive, creative and differentiated Brand in a sea of designers and powerful luxury brands at present, Dior produces these videos to artistically describe the story I just shared in the lines above, including the house creation as well as its signature products conception. Through the films we clearly perceive the prime importance to Dior of adaptation to the exigencies of the consumers, to the changes of the market dynamics, and of course talk to new product users. Dior uses the internet as a positioning strategy, and I consider these films successfully reflect that muse who inspired the house since the day it was born and its classic identity in such a digital era; reason why I take Dior as reference to exemplify a good practice, the video making, to promote a brand and products, impact users and correctly communicate the values of a brand.

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[1] Mark Tungate. (2005). Fashion Brands. Branding Style from Armani to Zara. Great Britain and United States: Kogan Page Limited.


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