CASED: A look into Abel Lopez, the fashion designer

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Inspired by the light and elegance, the Mexican fashion designer Abel Lopez, seduces us with his neoclassic and contemporary style, as well as his commitment to the femininity and strength of that woman who seeks a sophisticated and unique style.

Entrevista Abel Lopez-11I was welcomed to interview this passionate designer in his studio. Fan of the work of Pertegaz, Givenchy and Balenciaga iconic fashion houses, he goes over the story of his beginning a few years ago when he was the creative director of a Mexican fashion company, along the way the desire to run his own label became stronger so he fund a partnership to create Abel Lopez and Prêt-à-Porter AL lines, both bringing confortable and functional garments.

Abel defines inspiration as the action to keep his eyes wide open at all times, “I’m sometimes with people and I get lost in my own ideas, right there I could be creating something in my head”. Abel did not loose the tradition to use pencil and a little notebook to jot down the ideas kept as sacred secrets in his head, to later translate these into his captivating designs.

Studio Abel Lopez-7As inspiration is fundamental for the author, so is his team. He expresses about it like not many and he confesses: “there is a perfect synergy between me and my team, we understand each other so well that sketches are not necessary; in the  incomprehension that could happen without it, sometimes changes happen to the ideas, and very interesting things happen”.

Even if he does not have a strategy or key to succeed, as an entrepreneur he knows well what he has to do: “to achieve my goals I’m worried to do the things I like, I show interest in my projects, I do things with passion and that is why I am happy”.

To enjoy the summer at the most, he offers his clothing collection Ibiza, through it he wants to recall the sensation of “holiday and color”.  The pieces are inspired on the white island, its turquoise windows, the blue and soft breeze of the Mediterranean sea, its pink sand, the sensual golden sand dunes’ elegance, the red ground of the mountains and the green pines which fill with freshness the sweet summer. Trust me, by wearing his beautiful pieces, the sensation he transmits really makes you feel flirty and comfortably on vacation.

Photography by Gabriela Tarin from Petites Mémoires.

Entrevista Abel Lopez-19 Entrevista Abel Lopez-5 Studio Abel Lopez Studio Abel Lopez-2 Producto Abel Lopez-8 Producto Abel Lopez-2 Fashion Marcom Case wearing Abel Lopez-153 Fashion Marcom Case wearing Abel Lopez-204 Fashion Marcom Case wearing Abel Lopez-214

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