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Adriana Flores Bernal, Founder & Editor in Chief.

Adriana Flores Bernal The Fashion Marcom Case 2

I’m Mexican and my favorite spirit is not Tequila. I have a Communications Degree, though my official job title is Product Marketing Manager. I’m a Professional Make-Up Artist since year 2003. I’m a fashion lover since… forever. My favorite hobby is traveling. I became a Marathon Runner since I discovered the strength I have in my mind and body. I collaborate with Cream Magazine

I own this blog with the best intentions to share.

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Maggie Arroniz Estefan, Editorial Collaborator

Maggie Arroniz 2 The Fashion Marcom Case

I’m a Mexican girl with Lebanese blood (proudly). I’m a Professional Make-Up Artist since year 2002, Image Consultant and Director of the Beauty Studio Maggie Arroniz. I’m in love with life and surprised by the beauty of its little details. My fascination is learning and discovering new worlds. I’m lover of the healthy and sporty lifestyle; I’ve even committed the crazy thing of becoming a Marathon Runner.

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